Why should you work with a search firm?

Doing a job search is difficult!
Finding a job “is a job”!
Working with an honest, reliable recruiter can drastically help your job search!

A search firm is comprised of highly skilled recruiters who recruit on behalf of a company or corporation to find quality talent to fill their openings.  They act as third party representatives.

Recruiters have many contacts within organizations and they are able to get the “inside scoop”.  When you partner with one recruiter, you have now just widened your job search net and gained an edge over your competition – other job seekers.

There are many opportunities that are not available to the general public.  The company may have chosen to keep a search confidential and their reasons may be because they are looking to make a change at the top, a person may have resigned, are unhappy in their current role, or are going to retire.  Other times, there may be underperforming employee and a recruiter is called in to discretely source a replacement.  Other reasons for using a recruiter include major expansions, strategic change in direction, mergers and acquisitions.

All conversations, verbal or written, are held in the strictest of confidence.  The recruiter represents you and your professional interests.

Some of the reasons an individual may reach out to a recruiter might be:
•    Looking to relocate to another part of the state/country
•    You desire an opportunity that is more challenging
•    Looking for advancement and an upward career path
•    Do not wish to publicize your resume on job boards

Once you have made the decision to call a recruiter and have found one who specializes in your industry, it is important that you have an updated resume available to provide to them.  Be ready to spend at least one hour on the phone with the recruiter.  Remember, if you are dealing with an experienced and professional recruiter, they will ask you many questions to build a profile and gain a thorough understanding of what you are looking for in your next employment opportunity.  It is important that you are completely forthright and complete in your communication with your recruiter because based on the conversation, the recruiter will then reach out to their network and begin their search.

Start working with a professional search firm specializing in the healthcare industry, The DeNovo Network.